Rhythmland Called A "Modern Masterpiece"

Rhythmland receives a stellar review from Bill Wilson of REFLECTIONS IN BLUE.  Here is an excerpt: 

... now and then an album surfaces that lives up to the hype. Dennis Johnson's Rhythmland is one of those pieces that surpasses expectations. 

...Dennis Johnson has mastered his instrument, understands the dynamics of the music and has a voice that is incredibly well-suited to the style. Add Tim Metz on drums, Jonathan Stoyanoff on bass and Craig Long on Keyboards and backing vocals, and you have a delightful combo. I love the understated quality throughout the disc. The music takes precedence over everything else. While each band member has the opportunity to shine, here is no conflicting of egos or showboating. Rarely do I find such perfect symmetry in an album anymore. With each passing through the tunes on this disc, I am drawn farther and farther into the intricate rhythms and tales of real-life situations. With the exception of "Walkin' Blues," all tunes on the album were composed by Johnson. Nuff said...Rhythmland is a modern masterpiece done in a style that blends traditional and contemporary styles to get the message across...and it is done with power and an incredible degree of passion.